Greenough Harbour Community

AGM Meeting Minutes June 26, 2022

The minutes of the Greenough Harbour AGM on June 26th, 2022 are now available under the Resources tab. Please read them, it was YOUR Meeting!

What You Need to Know About Your Greenough Harbour Lot

When you purchase a lot at Greenough Harbour, you are not just a lot owner in our particular piece of paradise, but have purchased a lot with some unique history and environmental requirements. As part of your purchase agreement, you will have received a Home Owners Handbook, a copy of the Restrictive Covenants and the Environmental Protection Plans all of which are also available on this website. You are bound by these policies. Once you have a builders permit you will also become a part of the Greenough Harbour Preservation Association, the By-Laws for which are also on this website.

What you need to know is that there exists a 30m setback buffer from the lakeside tree drip-line 30m back into the woodland vegetation into your lot. If you don’t have any trees at lake’s edge but your lot lines have been cut (i.e. you have survey stakes and a small path to the lake, usually on the edge of your lot line), you will see a stake with red paint on top towards the lake. This is the beginning of your 30m buffer zone. You own this buffer but are restricted as to what can be done in this buffer zone.

No buildings, structures, or anything else that might compromise the natural state of the buffer zone are allowed in the 30m setback buffer.

The intent of the Restrictive Covenant is to maintain a vegetated woodland natural heritage strip along the lakeshore edge. The intent is to prevent the clearing of the shoreline through the removal of trees to create sight lines, the creation of lawns and gardens and the development of lot infrastructure along the shoreline. It is recognized that access to the shoreline and shoreline uses will occur and that views of the lake from the dwelling unit will be preferred. Selective pruning such as hazard trees, will be undertaken at the discretion of the Greenough Harbour Preservation Association. However, the visual and functional connectivity of the shoreline plant community will be maintained.

Policies for what is allowed regarding decks, docks and sight lines are being developed by the Greenough Harbour Preservation Association board of directors and will be posted when available.

To summarize, before clearing trees to cut sight lines or putting in driveways (which should be avoided during nesting season in May to mid July), building decks or docks, please contact us using the Contact form on this website.