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No Tree Cutting

A reminder that absolutely NO Tree Cutting is allowed at Greenough Harbour anywhere from May 15th until July 15th due to bird nesting.

Charman Lodge

A trip back in time at the Charman Lodge!


2 thoughts on “Charman Lodge

  1. Mavis hewitt

    This lodge was talked about by my dad and i always was taken in by his stories.. i have walked out to the ruins and I have seen them from the water in my kayak .. do u have any history on it .. or more pics? When was it built etc .. thank you in advance if u do

  2. rouse

    Hi Mavis. I have a lot of informtion, and photos if you like to share with you. Please call me at 905-304-5907. I checked the telephone book for your number but I don’t think you live here anymore.

    Doug Rouse
    Greenough Harbour Preservation Association

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