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GHPA Special Mtg Nov 27 2021

A recording of the GHPA special meeting on Nov 27 2021 is now available under the Community Tab. It is only available until Dec 27 2021.

The Old Grey Gravel Road

The Old Grey Gravel Road (sung to the tune of

                                              The Long and Winding Road- The Beatles)


The old grey gravel road, that leads, to our doors.

It needs to disappear; I don’t want dust no more.

My car is caked with mud, car washes galore.

The pot-holed winding road that the rain washed away.

Has stopped me in my tracks, don’t know what to say

Its left me stranded here, wasted my whole day.


Many times we’ve made a plea to municipalities.

Anyway you’ll never know how many no’s we’ve seen.

And still it leads me back to the grey gravel road.

It’s left me stranded here in two foot drifts of snow.

Don’t leave me waiting here, tow me to your door


But still it leads me back to the grey gravel road.

Should have been tarred and chipped, a long long time ago.

Don’t keep us waiting here, don’t want gravel no more


Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.


                                    – Kevin Warkentin Aug 8 2017

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