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    Hi there,
    I have been searching for the “Follow” button. Am I missing it? What i ultimately did was to post the URL to the WordPress blog page and I think I may get new updates that way. Please advise!

  2. Hikescdnrckys

    Hi Bonnie. The Follow button is found on sites, while ours is a site. I will search for a plug-in to provide this functionality and update the site shortly.

  3. Hikescdnrckys

    OK Bonnie. It took a while but I found a nice plugin called Subscribe2 which allows a registered user to set their preferences as to the type of EMAIL to receive and the categories of pages and posts to which you would like to subscribe.

    Take a look at the Subscribe page!

  4. brucenorth

    Here are the first couple of links on a test basis. More will follow. Please let me know if you have any trouble accessing these files

    Here is the link to the Greenough Harbour environmental protection plans

    Here is a link to the governance guidelines for the Greenough Residents Committee

  5. brucenorth

    There are additional documents shown in the “Resources” section on this website.
    If we think of additional documents for review by Nov 29th we will post them under “Resources”
    If you have trouble finding the documents please, contact me (Jeremy) or Mike.

  6. anitamike

    Beautiful pictures of the Rams head orchid hoping to see these when I travel from the UK in June.
    Any recommendations for a good mosquito repellant?

  7. Hikescdnrckys

    Thanks Anita. Hope you enjoy your visit in June. At that time of year, black flies are more of a problem than mosquitoes, so cover up and use something DEET based and you should come out alive!

  8. Frank Gurczak

    Hi there,
    I’m interested in purchasing one of the lots available in the Greenbough Harbour community. I’d like to schedule a time to take a look at those still available for purchase. You can reach me via email or by cell: 6078579431
    Looking forward to hearing back.
    Frank Gurczak

  9. Hikescdnrckys

    Hi Frank. Doug Rouse who is on our board of directors will reach out to you. There are very few lots left and they are owned by either Toronto Capital or John Keeso (the former developer). If you haven’t Head from Doug in a few days let me know and I will provide an EMAIL for Toronto Capital.

  10. Mavis hewitt

    This lodge was talked about by my dad and i always was taken in by his stories.. i have walked out to the ruins and I have seen them from the water in my kayak .. do u have any history on it .. or more pics? When was it built etc .. thank you in advance if u do

  11. rouse

    Hi Mavis. I have a lot of informtion, and photos if you like to share with you. Please call me at 905-304-5907. I checked the telephone book for your number but I don’t think you live here anymore.

    Doug Rouse
    Greenough Harbour Preservation Association

    1. Mavis Hewitt maiden name Kelly

      Hi Doug, i just seen your reply. We live in Woodstock have a cottage in stokes bay my cell # is 519 535 0936 … dont always get good signal tho when we are at the cottage. We are going up next Wednesday for about a month. I would love to see your pics and stories.
      Thanks so much!

  12. Bonnie

    Hi Mike,
    Under Community/Greenough Harbour Contacts, could we have the contacts sorted into two groups Residents and Trades? Kevin had to help me to find the trades page. It wasn’t obvious to me.

    Thank you!

  13. Steve Reay

    hi. for some reason I cannot access the board meeting recording from June 26. I’m logged in. could u look into this for me. thanks. Steve reay.

    1. Hikescdnrckys

      Hi Steve.

      Please log off off the website, and then log back in again and let me know if you have access now. Thanks for letting me know!

  14. Not_needed

    What is Schedule C? If someone is interested in purchasing property with GHPA covenants, we would like to know what these covenants are beforehand. Please make them available to everyone.