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Don’t Feed The Animals

Please do NOT leave food scraps on the roadways! This encourages animals to rely on humans for their next meal, and encourages bears and other animals to become domesticated. This is especially important during the fall when animals are bulking up for the winter.

Tasks and Priorities from AGM 2013

AGM June 1 2013 Advisory Committee Tasks and Priorities

As part of the AGM on Saturday June 1 2013, the residents came up with a list of items or tasks that they wanted the community to work on for the next year. The list of items was prioritized and the list of priorities is immediately after the list of ongoing items (to ensure they aren’t dropped).  At the end of this document is the complete list of remaining items so that they are retained as well.

 Ongoing Tasks:

1) Telephones

2) Road paving

3) Lodge cleanup

Prioritized Tasks:

1) Understanding the financial viability of Greenough Harbour Corporation

  • Formal consulting on issues impacting the financial viability of GHC perhaps involving hiring a lawyer and obtaining costs of hiring a lawyer
  • Primarily concerned with mitigating residents risks and liabilities
  • Obtaining financial statements from John Keeso re the monthly up-keep fees
  • Obtaining statements on the 10% of land fees used for future amenities
  • Residents should check to see if their contracts mention this 10% reserve
  • This takes on new importance based on John Keeso’s March 2013 request to restructure GHC by folding it into LakeWood as part of Ontario’s Bankruptcy Act. See the link:

2) Environmental Vision for Greenough Harbour DONE and Posted.

  • Creating a small paragraph that could be used on the Greenough Harbour Community website at that outlines our common vision.
  • Small team of Mike Warkentin, Elizabeth Thorne and Kevin Warkentin to develop.
  • Need to make sure that the humanitarian factors are recognized along with the environmental portion of the vision.
  • If we keep to what we have all agreed to and signed as part of the various schedules we were sent (although not all at the same time for many residents) we should be able to get unanimous agreement.
  • Residents to approve.
  • Here is the current version:

Greenough Harbour is a community of people, who enjoy the peace and quiet, beauty and seclusion of this unique ecologically sensitive wilderness area on the Northern Bruce Peninsula. It’s why we purchased our properties here. As stewards of the environment we welcome the environmental guidelines in place designed to protect this Natural Heritage System and Area of Natural Significant Interest. We will cherish and protect these ecosystems, land, air and water, for future generations. 

3) Community Action

  • Primarily concerned with forestry and environmental stewardship, invasive species etc.
  • Ken Goldsmith can be contacted to provide background info on forest protection.
  • Could also include other speakers

4) Using Amenities Funds or other means to purchase the beach property for preservation

  • This property is useable by GHC residents on an interim basis
  • Would like to investigate purchasing this through the Nature Conservancy Canada (NCC) at
  • Perhaps using the 10% of land purchase funds for future amenities assuming they exist

5) Education

  • Purchase and Sales Agreement and Covenants
  • Potential deliverables include stewardship walks

i.      Astronomy

ii.      Birds

iii.      Plants

iv.      Owl Howl

  • Also could involve speakers from the OPP (boat safety, security etc.), John Keeso, or MNP (the township).

6) Snow Plowing

  • Residents have experience issues where Bill Bleach who plows the driveways and Bernie Hellyer who does the road are not co-ordinated and residents cannot access their driveways
  • Advisory Committee to talk to Bill Bleach who has had some equipment issues

i.   Bill may no longer want to do the plowing, or may need some funds to get his equipment back in repair (residents seem willing to contribute)

7) Township should be assuming their proper role as per the SubDivision Agreement

  • Re road paving, garbage collection, telephone lines etc.
  • This may be well underway for telephone and John Keeso’s recent update on having the road paved and assumed by the township next year.

 Complete List of Remaining Tasks (in no particular order)

8) Vision – shoreline access for all and permission to walk the shoreline

9) Community composting

10) Curbside recycling when town begins the same and have assumed the road

11) Boathouse safety at the burn site

12) Community meeting – with picnic tables, pagoda or pavilion, barbecue grills etc.

13) Consider purchase of a chipper or trailer

14) Truck away garbage pile on the ALVAR

15) Marina – good selling point

16) Beach cleanup activities, organized for larger items

  • Big clean day and party?

17) Press John and Les to get rid of construction trailers

18) Cleanup of dead trees on main road

19) Take down invasive species

  •  Hogweed, Wild Parsnip, Phragmites

20) Poison ivy eradication

  • Elizabeth Thorne to research methods

21) Get leaders of the 8-10 Cottagers Associations to speak to GHC

22) Suggestion Box on the website DONE Suggestion Box Post Category

23) Tree replacement plan

24) Rainbarrels from BPEG at link

25) Does the community need a lawyer

  • Should we incorporate?

26) Do we need a property manager?


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