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Just a reminder that trees cannot be cut down between May 15 and July 15 during nesting season.

Survey on Well Water Use

The School of Environmental Studies at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, under the supervision of Dr. Anna Majury is currently working on a research project associated with private groundwater drinking sources; i.e. well water. This project aims to understand knowledge regarding private well water use and stewardship, with the aim to develop a knowledge-based tool intended for use by private well owners, including cottage owners.
We are interested in surveying residents who have a well on their property. The survey is a collaboration between Queen’s University, McMaster University, Dublin Institute of Technology and Public Health Ontario. The information gathered from this survey will contribute to the research project titled, “Exploring, Developing and Evaluating Drinking Water Vulnerability Assessment Measures: Implications for rural Ontario communities using private groundwater drinking sources” (The “WELLness” Project).
Our research team is hoping to collaborate with your association in order to promote this survey through your website and/or social media and contacts with a link that will re-direct interested individuals to the survey. The survey will only take 10-12 minutes to complete.
You will find the link to the survey here:
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