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Bears have been spotted in Gauley’s Bay and there is lots of scat in Greenough Harbour so they must be here too. Please be careful when visiting Greenough or when walking. Travel in groups, or make some noise, and of course please do NOT leave food scraps on the roadways, make sure BBQs are clean and that garbage is contained!


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3 thoughts on “Posting


    Hi there,
    I have been searching for the “Follow” button. Am I missing it? What i ultimately did was to post the URL to the WordPress blog page and I think I may get new updates that way. Please advise!

  2. Hikescdnrckys Post author

    Hi Bonnie. The Follow button is found on sites, while ours is a site. I will search for a plug-in to provide this functionality and update the site shortly.

  3. Hikescdnrckys Post author

    OK Bonnie. It took a while but I found a nice plugin called Subscribe2 which allows a registered user to set their preferences as to the type of EMAIL to receive and the categories of pages and posts to which you would like to subscribe.

    Take a look at the Subscribe page!

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