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Hunting Season

Hunting season started Nov 1, so even though hunting is not allowed at Greenough, spent shells have been spotted near the gate. When walking, stay on the road and wear bright colours to avoid being mistaken for animals. Keep your eyes open for trucks in Greenough, and alert the MNR if you spot shells or rifles.

New Song

My Greenough Blessings (based on the song My Favorite Things – Rodgers and Hammerstein)

Dark skies and stars that you know by position

Young deer that roam here with no inhibitions

Ice-covered lake fronts that melt when it’s spring

These are a few of my Greenough blessings


Monarchs on milkweed and bald eagle sightings

Warblers in spring time, hummingbirds alighting

Pileated woodpeckers issuing pings

These are a few of my Greenough blessings


Cool lake front breezes that whisper forever

Sunsets that change every night seem quite clever

Green trees and blue skies make me want to sing

These are a few of my Greenough blessings


When black flies bite

Swatting deer flies

When I’m feeling sad

I simply remember my Greenough blessings

And then I don’t feel so bad.

Repeat 3 verses followed by the chorus.

  • Kevin Warkentin( Apr 15 2019)

I can already hear people singing along!

Some of the lyrics were inspired by certain people in the community. The part about monarchs from Bonnie Lendrum, the part about warblers and hummingbirds from Elizabeth Thorn and Mary Houston, the part about about green trees and blue skies from Marg Rouse.


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