Greenough Harbour Community

Final Sight Line Policy

The final board approved sight line policy for Greenough Harbour has been posted. See the Page under Community BEFORE you consider cutting any trees on your lot!

Benefits of Membership in the GHPA

There are benefits to being a homeowner at Greenough Harbour, such as membership in the Greenough Harbour Preservation Association (GHPA): 

  • Group discounted prices with Superior Propane
  • Voting privileges at the AGM
  • Access to our proprietary website for wonderful information
  • Grass maintenance at the road
  • Landscaping at the GH rock
  • Discounts on products as a member of FOCA ( cottage association)
  • Social and educational events, including the cost of guest speakers
  • Trail maintenance to the sandy beach
  • A strong voice and good reputation with the municipality and TCC
  • Informative newsletters
  • Hard working Board you can approach with questions
  • Accurate accounting of where your money is going
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