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RIP Comet ISON but Hi Lovejoy

Well, despite being hailed earlier this year as the comet of the century, Comet ISON did not survive it’s perihelion (closest approach to the sun) on November 28th 2013. It was like Icarus, just too close to the sun, less than 1 solar diameter away, and thus all we have left of ISON is a dust path that the earth will be traveling through around Jan 14th 2014. This might make for some interesting meteor showers – we will have to see.

Currently though we have another comet that is periodic and currently visible in binoculars and with the naked eye. Comet Lovejoy is currently on display in the eastern sky abut 30 degrees above the horizon and around an hour before dawn.

This is what it looks like when a few pictures are stacked together (so not a huge tail but impressive):

2013-11-20 Comet Lovejoy by Ken_Lord, on Flickr
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License  by  Ken_Lord 

It’s moving from Hercules into Ophiuchus in the next couple of weeks, so enjoy this comet while you can.

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