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Don’t Feed The Animals

Please do NOT leave food scraps on the roadways! This encourages animals to rely on humans for their next meal, and encourages bears and other animals to become domesticated. This is especially important during the fall when animals are bulking up for the winter.


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2 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. Frank Gurczak

    Hi there,
    I’m interested in purchasing one of the lots available in the Greenbough Harbour community. I’d like to schedule a time to take a look at those still available for purchase. You can reach me via email or by cell: 6078579431
    Looking forward to hearing back.
    Frank Gurczak

  2. Hikescdnrckys Post author

    Hi Frank. Doug Rouse who is on our board of directors will reach out to you. There are very few lots left and they are owned by either Toronto Capital or John Keeso (the former developer). If you haven’t Head from Doug in a few days let me know and I will provide an EMAIL for Toronto Capital.

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